Santillana del Mar & Sea Ranch Spring 2012 Update

A New Dawn Finally Breaking on Our Coast

Patience is a virtue we're told, and anyone in the property development business in recent years has probably accrued a good supply of it. Along our Campeche Gulf Coast we are fortunate that the dramatic loss of value seen in many places did not occur here, just a slowdown in activity that perhaps helped our quality of life… plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful tropical sunsets over the ocean, the abundance of fish just offshore, and the friendly, safe and laidback lifestyle that hasn't changed a bit. Perhaps because of the extremely low property taxes and cost of living, lack of leverage purchasing & therefore debt service, things kind of chugged along, waiting for people to resume discovering Campeche, and our beautiful white sand beach and coastline.

We realize that the world economy is still not exactly booming, but we are pleased to report that a number of our current property owners are once again starting to plan construction this year, and there is a trickle of new visitors looking to grab a piece of nice coastal land in a prime location. There are more Americans, Canadians and Europeans visiting Campeche this winter than ever before by a factor of several times, and many are starting to rent property in order to hang around for a while to see if they might like living here. So, let's talk about all the good news that is finally coming becoming reality.

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