Steel reinforced concrete block and concrete are the primary building materials at Santillana del Mar, and deluxe standard Interceramic brand tile is used for all interior flooring, bathrooms, countertops etc. Terra Cotta ceramic roof tiles are set in concrete, with a foam insulation layer underneath, and together they provide heat protection and a robust roof that will withstand many years of use. A waterproofing and insulation coating is applied to all exterior walls before premium all weather paint is added to give all homes a beautiful and luxurious look from the outside. The same premium standard paint is used throughout the interior as well. Since doors and windows must have special protection in this beachfront and tropical climate, we use top quality, custom made, heavy duty, coated aluminum for all windows and sliding doors, and varnished solid local tropical hardwood for main entrance doors.

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Polished marble flooring, granite countertops, wrought iron doors and railings, can all be tastefully added at a reasonable additional cost. If you would like to create a tropical garden outside, we have experienced nursery owners from the area available to deliver several species of palm trees, along with a variety of beautiful tropical plants, and they can provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your garden looking great into the future.

In the photo slide show above, you will see some examples of individual villas, and our townhouse condominium design. Our architects are continuing to develop additional ideas and concepts. We can also allow you to use your own plans, modified to fit in with local building materials, as long as they are consistent with the basic style and look of the development. Should you decide to visit, we can discuss your ideas with our architects and design team.



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