The State of Campeche has about 200 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Curiously, the only section of this coastline with high quality beaches lies between Champoton and Ciudad del Carmen, in an area about 40 miles long. Santillana del Mar possesses a prime piece of this beachfront, about 500 yards long, and with a depth of about 200 yards between the actual beach and the local highway behind.

Santillana del Mar & Sea Ranch is just one kilometer from the mega-resort project "Aak-Bal" being developed by one of Mexico's most prestigious construction firms, ICA.

This ambitious project will include a large boating marina, an 18 hole championship caliber golf course, a 500 room deluxe hotel, a shopping center, and around 1000 condominiums.



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We are Truly Fortunate

As you can see from the photos in this and other sections, we are truly fortunate to have such a splendid beach to enjoy. Our beach is unusually wide, between 200 and 300 feet of pure white sand, and clean, blue-green water for swimming and recreation. The waters of the Gulf are almost always calm, ideal for swimming, snorkeling or fishing. Our beaches also receive visits from sea turtles during the summer months, laying their eggs in the same place each year. We are cooperating with a nearby turtle protection center to assure that this tradition is honored, and there are plans to construct a turtle museum and information center nearby.

The concept of Santillana del Mar is to create an Exclusive, Gated Beachfront Residential Compound, with 29 Luxury Beach Homes, fifteen in the first row and another fourteen in the second row. The development will be enclosed with a decorative, rustic style wall, with limited access through the Main Gate, attended by Security Personnel at all times. There will be a Community Center for all residents in the Sea Ranch Estates section, with Administration offices, Property Management services, including rentals, maintenance, domestic and gardening assistance, transportation, etc.

Several outstanding architects have joined with us to development some beautiful home designs, reflecting Spanish-Mediterranean, and Yucatan-Tropical styles. You are welcome to submit your own designs within these basic categories of architecture.

The Sea Ranch

The “Santillana Sea Ranch” section across the road is a different residential concept, featuring Estate homesites that are around one-third to one-half acre each. These homesites are ideal for those who wish to have enough land for some garden areas, perhaps a tennis court or other recreational facilities. The quality of the land in the Sea Ranch section is excellent, and there are numerous tropical fruit and hardwood trees throughout the area. The beach is just a short walk across the road, and Sea Ranch owners and residents will have full use of the beach and other community facilities and services. The Sea Ranch will also be enclosed with a similar rustic style wall, and access will be controlled and monitored by the Security Staff. A different set of home designs are available for the Sea Ranch, mostly one story homes that take advantage of the larger sizes of the homesites, and which feature typical Yucatan Hacienda features and materials. Sample home designs and other construction information is found in the Construction section of this website.



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