Santillana del Mar & Sea Ranch Spring 2012 Update

A New Dawn Finally Breaking on Our Coast

Patience is a virtue we're told, and anyone in the property development business in recent years has probably accrued a good supply of it. Along our Campeche Gulf Coast we are fortunate that the dramatic loss of value seen in many places did not occur here, just a slowdown in activity that perhaps helped our quality of life… plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful tropical sunsets over the ocean, the abundance of fish just offshore, and the friendly, safe and laidback lifestyle that hasn't changed a bit. Perhaps because of the extremely low property taxes and cost of living, lack of leverage purchasing & therefore debt service, things kind of chugged along, waiting for people to resume discovering Campeche, and our beautiful white sand beach and coastline.

We realize that the world economy is still not exactly booming, but we are pleased to report that a number of our current property owners are once again starting to plan construction this year, and there is a trickle of new visitors looking to grab a piece of nice coastal land in a prime location. There are more Americans, Canadians and Europeans visiting Campeche this winter than ever before by a factor of several times, and many are starting to rent property in order to hang around for a while to see if they might like living here. So, let's talk about all the good news that is finally coming becoming reality.

Mega-Project Reborn as "Aak-Bal"!

As any of you who have visited us or have communicated with us know, the start of the huge Mega-Project next to Santillana del Mar & Sea Ranch was of huge importance in getting our coastline on the map, and in starting to create a community with amenities and services that attract residents. When the original developers stopped work and ran out of cash three years ago, as a consequence of world economic conditions, it was naturally of great concern to us. Fortunately, the project has been taken over by ICA, a huge construction and development corporation, perhaps the largest in Mexico and one of the largest in Latin America. With a track record of more than 60 years, publically traded in both Mexico and New York, ICA is incredibly solvent, with the quality and expertise to carry on and improve on the original planned project. A few months ago they resumed work on all the critical components of the project, the Condo towers, the Marina, and more recently, the 18 hole Championship Golf Course. In the next few months, one of the Condo Towers will open as a boutique Suite Hotel, with a beachfront restaurant and other services.
We have recently met with the new project Managers, and we have all agreed to work together as neighbors and as investors with many interests in common. This will include granting preferential treatment and rates to residents and owners at Santillana del Mar & Sea Ranch for the facilities and services at Aak-Bal. As you can well imagine, we are delighted to have such professional and highly qualified people now in charge of this development. We invite you to check out their new website: www.Aakbal.com.mx

Other Good News in Our Area….

Campeche continues to attract attention from upscale Mexicans and others looking for a safe, quality place to live. A major step was the construction finally of a new, four lane divided highway to Merida, the regional capital and gateway to the Yucatan. This beautiful new highway is about 60% complete and will be in full operation by the end of the year. This makes it a breeze to drive down from Merida, or to continue the drive over from Cancun. Driving times will be reduced and safety will increase.

Another large commercial project in Campeche, the Galerias Shopping Center, has also resumed work after a delay of a couple of years like most things around here. It is pushing forward rapidly, and will house the luxury Liverpool department store, a multi-cinema complex, and over 200 retail shops along with restaurants and entertainment sites.

What do we Have Available?

There are a couple of front line beachfront Lots that have come back on the market from buyers who had to pull out due to financial circumstances. Contact us for special offers on these Lots. There are also a few top quality second row Lots, just a few steps from the beach, starting at $89,500. Across at the Sea Ranch section of the project, we have the last of a few special offer Lots starting at 68,500, with more than 2000 square meters to build on so you can enjoy a leisurely lifestyle minutes away from the Golf Course and the Marina.

Have you been down to see us before, or have you just discovered the Gulf Coast of Campeche?

In either case, it's a great time to come down to see the area, and to better appreciate the coastline, beaches, fishing, nature, history and all the other attributes that make it a wonderful place to live in the future. Several of our owners expect to begin construction this year, and we would be very pleased to have you among them!

Until Next Time, Best from Steve and Emelia




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